Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ned Gannon

Here's the first three images of a dummy book I am trying to put together. I needed to fully render the first part of the book to demonstrate how the images will transition from a monotone for the real world to color for the boy's imagined world. There is some text but it is very minimal (like two sentences) otherwise, it is much like a Wiesner or other wordless stories in pictures. I hope to post pages to demonstrate how the story transitions to color (still working that out). The tentative title for the story is, "I Know Sometimes..." Please feel free to critique drawing quality, fluidity and other illustrative issues. While I don't want to rework everything, I have started to work in Photoshop more and correcting a panel or two is easier now.


  1. It's wonderful—the wordless (for now) narrative is very easy to follow and draws me forward, and there's a quiet quality to the storytelling that reminds me of Shaun Tan's The Arrival. I enjoyed the two simultaneous viewpoints in the first panel, and your characters are beautifully drawn. I think your book will have broad appeal, like Shaun Tan's work.


  2. Thanks. I would never dare to compare myself to Shaun Tan, but he's a real inspiration to me so I'll take it...

  3. Beautiful illustrations! Your work always shows such amazing emotion, and I think the absense of words really pumps that up. I look forward to seeing how you transition to color.